#Valentine’s Day Tea

As you can probably tell by my posts, I love parties. There is nothing better than spending time with loved ones. Add in some delicious food & beautiful decorations and you have a perfect day! A very close family friend hosted an absolute gorgeous garden Valentine’s tea party this past weekend for the littles in our circle. Nothing like seeing our sweet kiddos all dressed up & sipping their pink lemonade out of fancy tea cups. Of course I think some of the beautiful, sophisticated decor was lost on them since all of the kiddos ended up playing in the ditch (so funny how things like that always make them happiest), but as parents we can appreciate the pretty event & enjoy sharing “grown-up” things with them. Anyways, on to the pictures…


Each table was beautifully decorated and had its own tea pot & selection of kid-approved lunch snacks.



There was a table set up for the kids to decorate their own bags for the Valentines exchange. *Side note: We had this party right after Valentine’s Day so everything was at least half off! Score!


Arts & crafts are a good idea for every party!


Destiny made heart crayons for her valentines. Click here for a link to that idea.


Photo booths are the perfect way to get a great shot to remember the event.  A nice back drop & a few simple props are all you need. Kids are more likely to do a photo shoot when they get to play dress-up! Who wouldn’t be?



Destiny & I ❤


Such a cutie!


L O V E this!


Dessert table… cause isn’t this the best part of any party? lol


Notice those little chocolate pinwheels… cut up a few Little Debbie’s for a quick & easy dessert!



Rice crispy treats are always an easy crowd-pleaser & they can easily be transformed to fit any theme. A heart shaped cookie cutter, melted chocolate, & pink frosting gave these a sophisticated look.


Marshmallow pops are super easy to make. Grab some paper straws from your local Target & sprinkles to match your theme, and you have an easy yet beautiful dessert to brighten any table. I talked about these before here.


Getting a group shot is always a challenge, but as you can tell these kiddos had a blast!

Hoped you enjoyed this party idea as much as I did, and I hope you & your loved ones had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!! ❤



#Valentine’s Day 2015


from my family to yours!


We woke up this morning to find that the Valentine fairy (aka me) had delivered some goodies to her favorite valentines!


Then I made a very simple breakfast. I planned on getting a little more creative, but it was a late night for me & my hubby being date night & all. A few drops of red food coloring & some sprinkles added a bit of Valentine’s Day flair to a can of Pillsbury cinnamon buns, festive & easy, perfect for a tired mommy. And no Valentine’s Day breakfast is complete without some strawberry milk.


I made a special dinner for my brother, dad, bestfriend, Liz, grandma, & the girls! My mom & hubby had to work so we had to party without them. The stuffed chicken breasts (I’ll be sharing that recipe soon), baked ziti, garlic knots, & fresh green beans were a big hit! Add some hard apple ciders, cherry cheesecake, a heart chocolate chip cookie cake, & dessert kabobs (click here for that recipe on Liz’s blog Got Cache) and you have the perfect family Valentine’s Day dinner party covered!

So that was our Valentine’s Day… I hope you had a wonderful day with your loved ones!!



#Heart Crayons

IMG_2587[1]Today I want to share one of our favorite Valentine’s Day crafts: Heart Crayons. These are a kid-friendly, easy craft that would be perfect for your kiddos to pass out to their schoolmates at their school valentines exchange or party! First I’ll tell you how to make them & then share some ways to adorable ways gift them that I’ve found on (you guessed it) Pinterest.


  • Silicone heart-shaped molds (These are sold places like Target or Walmart but are often a seasonal item. If you can’t find them in your area, lots are available for purchase online.)
  • Lots & lots & lots of crayons (Recently we’ve added glitter & metallic crayons to the mix for very cool effects.)
  • A baking sheet (foil-lined in case they splatter)



  • Preheat oven to 225 degrees
  • Remove wrappers from crayons (This is the most time-consuming part so utilize those little helpers!)
  • Break crayons into little pieces.
  • Fill the silicone heart molds up about 3/4 of the way up with your crayon pieces (either completely multicolored or pick different shades of the same color… we’ve done both & they are equally awesome)
  • Put your filled mold on your foil-lined baking tray & place in oven
  • Bake your crayons for 15 minutes
  • Carefully take them out of the oven. (The wax will be fluid, & you don’t want to slush it around too much.)
  • Let cool completely. (After the baking sheet is cool, you can place it in a fridge or freezer to speed up the process.)

Pretty simple right, but check out the results…


Now for ways to make these adorable heart crayons into valentines for your kiddos to pass out…

heart crayon valentine idea

“Color your heart out Valentine!” from a cute blog I recently discovered, The Nerd’s Wife… click here to visit that post or to download the printable cards for free!


“Happy Valentine’s Day for ‘crayon’ out loud!” This is another cute idea I found on Pinterest… It was on several sites so I’m not sure where it originally came from.

colorful friend valentine

“You make my world so very colorful, friend!” from The Brown-Bag Teacher blog… click here to see the post & snag a printable version!

So many adorable options to chose from… if all else fails, stick them in a cute little cellophane Valentine goodie bag! Hope you are having a colorful day! Gotta go watch outside to watch the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket launch! Bye for now!


#Hershey’s Kisses Valentine Mice

With my youngest finally over her little bug, it’s finally time for those Valentine’s Day crafts I’ve been promising! First up Valentine Mice made with one of my personal favorites, Hershey’s Kisses! (I visited this subject before in my Merry Kissmas blog post.) I found this idea on Pinterest a while back but hadn’t had the pleasure of creating these adorable chocolatey creatures until now! They are a super easy, kid friendly craft! I had a very adorable mouse-making assistant today, Destiny, my 8 year-old! So let’s get started…

Hershey’s Kisses Valentine Mice


  • Valentine’s Hershey kisses (grab the big bag so you have some extra to fill those candy dishes)
  • small googly eyes (for some reason we only had multicolor ones but what the who)
  • foam hearts about an inch in size (we used a package of glittery pink & red table scatter we found at the Dollar Tree)
  • double sided mounting tape
  • glue dots
  • scissors
  • if you wish, thin ribbon or yarn for a tail (we opted to skip this step & leave the handy already included “Hershey” tails lol




  • remove Hershey “tag” from one Kiss
  • use the mounting tape to adhere heart “ears” to the bottom of the Kiss
  • use another small piece of mounting tape to put another tagged Kiss to the back of the heart “ears”
  • attach a pair of googly eyes to your mouse’s face

Ok I feel like I butchered these directions… I mean I just looked at a picture & winged it so maybe that’s how you work too so check out these pictures of our finished product & hopefully my ramblings will make sense!

IMG_2598[1]After making these I felt like they were missing something, maybe attaching a tiny red or pink pompom nose. I looked all over the house, but unfortunately we are pompomless (made up crafting word of the day… it’s gonna catch on, I swear!) so we’ll leave them like this. They would make an adorable valentine for your kids’ to pass out to classmates! Just attach them to a cute little “cheese” card with a sayings like “Mice to know you!” or “You are so mice!” It might sound a little cheesy to you (See what I did there?), but they are adorable & I’m not the only one who thinks so. Click here for proof! lol Mine however are chilling on my living room table because what better than cute little mice to decorate with  & we already made little goody bags for Destiny’s class. Give these a try & let me know what you think! I’d love some feedback & maybe some pictures! I’ll bet they’ll turn out totally “mice”!! Get it? Mice instead of nice! I thought it was funny, but I do get weirdly silly when I’m overly tired! Good night lovelies!