#Nibblr Review #Free Box Offer

If you’ve read any of my blog posts, you know that I love to be thrifty, save money on purchases, & love to try out products for free to see if I actually like them before spending my hard earned money on them. I’m not a huge fan of subscription boxes since I (no offense to those who are subscription box junkies like my bestie lol) don’t usually splurge on a regular basis & don’t want to end up with a bunch of stuff I really don’t want, need, or like (I’m extremely anti-clutter!). While I know subscription boxes are a great way to try out new things for less then retail value, I also am completely practical, often too practical, & don’t often buy the higher end products that come in those boxes. I’m not big into make-up or hair products, usually opting for the “supermarket” versions of those items, so those type of boxes aren’t my cup of tea anyways. If, however, you are like my friend, Liz, at Got Cache are big into subscription boxes &/or make-up, definitely check her blog for some great reviews. Having said all that, I do have one subscription box I am currently receiving. If you’ve noticed from my many recipe posts, I love food. In an email, not even sure what one, I received a offer for a free box from Nibblr for my birthday. I figured what the hell, it’s free, it’s edible, & I can always cancel the subscription it right afterwards. After enjoying the first box of tasty snacks, I decided maybe I’ll wait to cancel it… fast forward a couple months… I’m in love Nibblr & I just upped my subscription to 2 boxes a month. As far as subscription boxes go, this one is extremely reasonable… I believe it is just $6.99 a box when getting them monthly. You can chose to cancel at any time & have the option to pay for more boxes at a time to get your boxes at a discounted price. It always brightens my day to get a package in the mail like my free samples from Smiley360, BuzzAgent, Influenster, & Pinch Me, and now I have my cute little Nibblr boxes to add to that list. Let me show you my most recent box & give you some more details & my thoughts along the way…


Here’s what the boxes look like… the designs are usually made from pictures of nuts & fruit which I just find cute.


Each box has 4 portioned snack mixes & a “reality bite” card. This one was delivered on the first day of spring (though I live in Florida which translates into hotter than the day before) so was spring-themed & features a current artist.


Can we just talk about the cute snack mix names?! “Nana’s Gone Nuts, for instance. I’ve actually received this one before & love it. That’s another thing I love about Nibblr… they have you rate the snacks you receive so they can better tailor the box to your specific tastes. You can hit “love it”, “like it” or “no thanks” on your current box selections as well those options plus “interested” on all their available products. I am not a huge dried fruit fan so I’ll try out the Queen Bee one just for kicks but if it’s not for me, I can let them know so I won’t be sent another package of it. I recently got back on Weight Watchers (need to really get my weight in check) and these preportioned snacks each have the nutritional info on the back for easy point tracking. So far they have been reasonable point-wise. The convenient little boxes make it easy to toss a snack in your purse or lunchbox without them getting all squished as well. If I counted correctly, there is about 80 current snack varieties & they often add new ones, nuts, cookies, veggies, dried fruit, cheese crisps, etc. in tons of neat combos.

If Nibblr seems like something you’d be interested in, here is a referral code to try out a free box for yourself: 19818 🙂 Need more information about how Nibblr works? Click here to find out! I’d love to hear from you, whether you just use this code to get your free box or if you are already a Nibblr subscriber. What is your favorite mix? Anything I should click “love it” on so I can try in out? Anything I should pass on? Comments are always welcome & appreciated on this blog! Happy spring!

P.S. Another reason I love Nibblr…  I commented on a Facebook post telling them I’ve been sick & could use a little #nibblrlove. Within a few minutes, they asked for my address so they could send me a little feel better surprise! They are constantly giving out free #nibblrlove & even shared a bunch of it with a food pantry recently! Check them out on Facebook, Instagram, & Twitter for more information about this great company & a chance to win some #nibblrlove of your own! 🙂