#Pinch Me

As you’ve noticed, I’m a big fan of sample websites. Not only do I love free stuff (who honestly doesn’t?), I love the opportunity to try new products out before purchasing them. I hate buying an item especially something expensive without knowing if it works, it’s for me, or if it’s worth the money. I have written before about Smiley360, Buzz Agent, & Influenster in the past, but realized I had forgotten to share about Pinch Me. Now I’ll be completely honest… this isn’t my favorite freebie site for a couple of reasons… 1. The samples are often very small. While the sites I mentioned first usually offer full size items to try, Pinch Me usually sends a single serving or one of an item. I mean yes one band-aid or a travel size lotion is enough to see if you like it, but some things you have to use for a week or so to see if it really does anything. 2. Samples are only available once a month, & they go fast. 3. Shipping takes FOREVER! Now having said that, one perk of the site is you don’t have to jump through hoops like posting on social media. To keep getting samples, all you have to do is complete a feedback survey on each item that takes under a minute. You get to pick 3 samples to try each month, but then Pinch Me often adds a few extras as well. I wanted to give you my honest site review, yet don’t let it stop you from giving it a shot. You will get some great samples & coupons! Anyways, here are a couple pictures of recent boxes so you get an idea of the type of samples Pinch Me offers…



For more information, check out the website… you can check out a list of past samples, see the next time new samples will be added, & sign up for yourself! There are surveys to take while you wait so they can best pick offers to fit your needs. Do YOU use a freebie or coupon site or money saving app that you love? Please share your knowledge with me as well! I’m always looking for ways to stretch my paycheck!!