Happy Thanksgiving Eve ya’ll! If you work in retail, you know how crazy this time of year can get. After working a 7 hour shift this morning & dealing with hundreds of customers who wait until the absolutely last minute to go grocery shopping for a holiday that is literally the last Thursday in November EVERY YEAR, all I want is to relax. Unfortunately, there is a lot to do in the kitchen to get ready for the big day tomorrow. SO instead of napping, I decided to take a little break while my pumpkin pies are in the oven & do a little post. Anyone who is seen my blog knows I am all about saving money and about 2 weeks ago, my significant other lost his job, a very good paying job, so it is crucial now more than ever. I’ve shared about product review sites (Smiley360, Influenster, Pinch Me, & Buzz Agent), Ebates where you earn cash back for shopping online, and Publix digital coupons and have others I plan to share about, but today I wanted to take a moment to share about an app I discovered a couple months ago that I am absolutely in love with!! The app is called Ibotta. It’s available on iOS & Android devices. Before I tell you how it works, let me show you my personal savings since I joined on August 5th…


Ok, this may not seem like much, but if you think about the fact that I earned this buying everyday grocery items. I was going to buy these things anyways so can you say free money?! Sound interesting?


Here’s how it works…

Step 1. Download the app.

Step 2. Make an account. If you have Facebook and/or Twitter, you can connect it at this time & add current Ibotta users to your friend list or invite others to join. Use my referral link so we can be friends on there too. I’ll explain while the more friends the better later.

Step 3. Pick what store you are shopping out & find rebates for things you plan to buy. Unlocking the rebates is super quick & easy… either they share a fact about the product or recipe for you to read, have you answer a 1 to 2 question survey, or watch a short video about the product, all only taking a minute or 2 at the most. Now the picture below shows you an example of the types of rebates available now, but often they include “any brand” rebates for example $.50 off the purchase of any brand gallon of milk or $.20 off any brand of a dozen eggs or loaf of bread. See things you buy all the time & even though the rebate amounts are small on the “any brand” rebates those can quickly add up. Do you buy wine, beer, or liquor? Rebates on those items are often anywhere from $2 to $5, perfect for stocking up for holiday parties.


Step 4. Scan the barcode to make sure the product matches the rebate.

Step 5. After you have verified all the products for the rebates you have selected, simply use the camera on the app to take a quick snapshot of the entire receipt. If it’s a super long receipt it will allow you to add sections until the whole thing is recorded. Your picture must include the store name, date & time of purchase, and obviously the items for the rebates you are redeeming.


Step 6. Get your $!! Once you get $10 in your account, you can transfer the money into Paypal or Venmo to use to make a purchase or to transfer into your linked bank account. Another option is purchasing gift-cards for companies like Starbucks, Itunes, or Walmart.


I am still new to this app and haven’t taken advantage of the online shopping rebates, but there are those options as well. Another cool thing is you can earn money just for referring your friends to this great service. Now I mentioned that it was important to have friends on here… is it necessary? No. However having friends helps you complete monthly bonuses like the picture below.


These bonuses are another great way to earn extra money on top of the great rebates you are already getting. There are other brand specific bonuses, holiday bonuses, etc. Plus you can get these rebates on top of store & manufacture coupons so there has actually been times that I actually got the item for free after my rebate! And who doesn’t love free?!


Hopefully this information made sense, but if you’d like step by step instructions or more information from you actual site just click here. I really hope you will love this money making app as much as I do! We all have to grocery shop; might as well make some money doing it! Anyways, my house smells like pumpkin & my timer is going off so ttfn. 🙂