#Happy Birthday Frozen Style #Frost Bites

I went to an adorable Frozen birthday party this weekend. My friend, Christy, always throws the cutest parties! I shared her backyard barnyard birthday party idea last year so if you missed that one definitely check it out now! Now I don’t want to toot my own horn, but I was asked to make some Frozen marshmallow pops aka Frost Bites (lol) and they turned out spectacular. I’ll share that idea first before I move on to party pics & ideas.


Frost Bites


  • marshmallows
  • sprinkles (I used blue, purple, silver, & snowflakes to go with the Frozen theme.)
  • paper straws (You can find some adorable ones in a variety of colors @ Target.) or cake pop sticks
  • candy melts (White candy melts allowed the sprinkles to be more visible plus better matched the Frozen color scheme. Also one 12 oz bag of candy melts, Ghirardelli in my case, was enough to coat over 45 marshmallows. Just a FYI so you don’t over-buy like I did.)
  • mason jars (You could use any container, but the mason jars worked perfectly.)


  • Stick your marshmallows on your sticks.
  • Melt candy melts according to package directions. You can use the microwave, but I had better luck with a double boiler. I kept the stove on the lowest setting after the candy melted so it didn’t start cooling & thickening while I dipped the marshmallows.
  • Tap the coated marshmallow off on the edge of your boiler to remove excess candy coating. If you don’t, the sprinkles like to slide off with the candy coating as they cool.
  • Dip the candy coated marshmallows into sprinkles turning to make sure the sides are coated. Again, don’t leave too much candy coating on your marshmallows or you’ll end up with a mess. I used muffin tins to the sprinkles easily accessible as I worked. Also, while the snowflake sprinkles were adorable heavier sprinkles tried to fall off as the coating cools. Colored sugar & nonpareils worked the best.
  • Refrigerate the pops as you go to harden the candy coating.

Anyways, these are obviously pure sugar & the kiddos will be on a sugar-high for hours, but so cute, everyone loved them (except me & my dad who think marshmallows are gross) and they can be easily geared toward any theme, occasion, or holiday. I think they would be super cute for a Valentine’s Day party with pink & red sugar & some heart confetti sprinkles. Now for some Frozen party cuteness…

Food (with cute little Frozen theme names):


Food table – it’s covered with snow flake confetti & has cute Frozen napkins & plates (If you can’t find them locally, click on the words for links to the items on Amazon.)





This wasn’t a wonderful picture, but these cupcake toppers can be found on Amazon here.



I think I have a picture of this cutie with her cupcake from every single birthday party her mom & I both attend. lol



Photo area / backyard decorations



Elsa’s Snow Play Table (white glitter playdough)


Kristoff’s Ice Mine (huge colored blocks of ice with little treasures (ex plastic bracelets & bouncy balls) for the kiddos to chisel out – absolutely brilliant idea especially in this hot Florida weather- we were surprised how entertained even the older kids were with this)


Some craft fun for when the kiddos needed a break from the sun

Add a trampoline & a swing-set to the mix… and you’ve got some happy & soon worn-out kiddos!


Instead of the traditional “goodie bag”, the kids could pick from an array of Frozen items to take home as they left. Most of these cute items can be found at your local Target’s dollar section. Sorry the picture is blurry… didn’t notice until I put it on here. :/

Hoped you liked this party theme! 🙂

#Pink Zebra Party #Happy Birthday Destiny 2015

Happy hump day, ya’ll! If you’ve been following my blog, you know that I have been absent for a while & am playing a little catch-up on all the posts I’ve been planning on doing for months! My baby turned 9 in June this year! We celebrate every year with a huge family & friend cook-out. The month before I we started talking themes… it’s a summer party so we’ve pretty much covered the beach, summer, ocean animals, luau, etc parties in past years… Destiny is pretty easy going so she was all for doing yet another dolphin party & beach balls & sand buckets are cheap & plentiful that time of year, but I wanted to think outside of our usual themes. We usually get most of our themed party supplies online and then supplement those with Dollar Store & other local store finds. I always love getting a couple cute themed items then using a matching color scheme to tie everything together to bring it home. Not a fan of those pricey birthday in a box type things, I mean does the plates, napkins, cups, & party hats all have to match exactly…. why do you really even need party hats? lol Ok I’m getting off track… Anyways, Destiny & I decided to check out Amazon for party invitations… figured that was a good way to start brainstorming. She fell in love with some pink zebra postcard style invites, and while I was hooked on some cute owl ones, I couldn’t help but think pink, black, & zebra print… simple, girly, fun… and ideas just started popping into my head! Once she had picked the theme, she scampered off to do “funner” stuff & left me to do the planning. I mean I rock at party planning & she knows it so we’ll take that as a compliment. She did make sure I knew she must have a zebra pinata so with that as my only criteria, it was time to get ordering. A friend had recently gave me a black cupcake stand so I decided on ordering some hot-pink cupcakes from work aka Publix because they are delicious & is just one less thing I have to do. Since we were skipping a cake this year, I didn’t have to worry about a cake topper & opted for some pink zebra striped candles & a 9 candle. I quickly found that Amazon has tons of pink zebra party stuff, way more then I needed, but I couldn’t pass up adding some zebra stripe plastic table covers, confetti, & some pink & black zebra balloons. At home  we TRY to stay away from candy, but it’s a party & I always think “candy bars” are so cute so we decided to so a little one… on hind-sight we ended up with a lot of left-overs we pawned off on guest as they left so we probably could have skipped or just scaled that down, but it was so cute! So the last thing I got from Amazon were some pink unicorn pops because they are striped & it’s a zebra party… it just made sense. I got a cute plastic candy dish with a lid, pink & black gumballs, and pink sixlets in my local Target’s party section, though you can always get those on Amazon as well. I had some small pink plastic buckets & glass candle holders from a past event (Dollar Tree) to use, but decided to see what Oriental Trading had to offer in the pink zebra party department & came across some absolutely perfect pink zebra containers… couldn’t have been more perfect for the diy decorating/ candy holder idea I’ll show you in a bit! I love Oriental Trading… super cheap, large quantity items perfect for party planning, large group activities, & craft projects! Ok… I think I’ve rambled on about what I bought long enough, but I wanted you to have all the links if you like how this party turned out & were interested in using this theme yourself. Anyways… let’s get this party started…


This is a super easy lollipop holder that you could customize to fit any party theme… all you need: lollipops of your choice (unicorn pops from Amazon), a bucket type container (got these zebra ones from Oriental Trading), floral foam (Dollar Store – available at any craft store), & paper shreds (Dollar Store – gift wrapping section of lots of other stores)… super easy to make… place foam inside container (may need to cut a bit to fit), stick your lollipops in far enough to be secure, and cover the visible foam with the paper shreds… done 🙂 This would be a cute way to display cake pops, cookies-on-a-stick, or chocolate dipped marshmallow pops… basically anything on a stick! lol


We used some zebra duct tape (Wal-Mart) to add a little party flair to everyday water bottles.

Now some pictures of the actual party…






I honestly didn’t get as many pictures as I’d hoped because I was busy hosting &, well, enjoying the party, but hopefully you got some great party ideas! As you can see the kids all had a blast beating the pinata, playing on the park playground, getting their faces painted, playing with balls & bubbles, & especially eating those hot pink cupcakes! While they ran wild, the adults spent time laughing, talking, talking, & stuffing our faces with way to much delicious food! Perfect way to spend any summer day…a  great party for the best 9 year old around! Happy birthday, Destiny!! ❤

#Army Birthday Party

I love a good themed party, and my friend, Emily, hit it out of the park with an Army birthday party today for her son! Her detailed decorations & Army themed activities were too good not to share! Check it out…


to Caleb, our favorite 7 year old!

After getting supplied with dog tags & military helmets and issued their toy weapons, these Army recruits got camo-ed up with a little face paint & posed for their enlistment photos at the Army photo booth. Some paint & stencils turned plain cardboard boxes into  military crates & a American flag made the perfect backdrop. (Photo booths are such a fun way to document just about any occasion! Jotting down an email address for each guest before they pose would allow you to send them their picture at a later date so they can have a lasting memory of the event. No matter what the age group, everyone needs the chance to let loose every once in a while & play a little dress-up!)


No Army party is complete without a timed playground obstacle course & military pinata to keep those soldiers supplied with sugary treats!


After all that training, the hungry recruits headed down to Caleb’s Mess Hall. When it comes to themed parties, it’s all about those details… Cute little tags turned civilian food military grade… cheese bombs (cheese balls), gun powder (pixy sticks), army rope (twizzlers), camo ammo (chocolate rock candy). Who needs expensive bottle wrappers when you can grab a roll of decorative duck tape for the same cute effect? I’m going to be using this idea at the next party I throw! Plastic Army men make adorable, easy, & inexpensive cake & cupcake toppers. After some green Kool-aid, pizza, chips & dip, grapes, cheese chunks, & apple slices, these recruits are ready to go finish their basic training.


Even the inside of the cake was camo, almost too cute to eat, almost… I may or may not have just documented myself cheating on my diet :/ Sigh… via Pinterest I found a good camo cake tutorial & a camo cupcake tutorial with an easy way to camo up the icing as well. Click the bright green for links to those blog posts if you’d be interested in making one of these for a man, big or small, in your life!


Time for a quick group photo before they finished off the fun with a water balloon grenade fight 🙂


I can’t forget the youngest recruit & little sister of the birthday boy, the adorable Miss Calayla, who was much more worried about her slice of pizza then posing for her photo shoot. LOL


The recruits were sent home with fun survival kits thanking them for reporting for duty to help celebrate this special boy’s birthday! 

Fun-filled, memorable Army birthday party… Mission Accomplished!! Hoped you enjoyed this party theme idea as much as I did! 🙂




#Cutest Backyard Barnyard Birthday Party Ever

We just got home from a wonderful afternoon of backyard barnyard birthday fun surrounded by family, friends, & friends that might as well be family! It was one of the cutest themed birthdays I have ever been to so I couldn’t wait to share it with ya’ll!!

barnyard bday 3

All the food had cute little barnyard themed signs… chicken feed chex mix, pigs-in-a-blanket, chicken coop nuggets… even the silverware was renamed pitchforks & shovels… soooo easy but completely adorable!

barnyard bday 2

Barnyard cake… just too cute for words!

barnyard bday 1

I made these rice crispy treats… put a “Hay Bale” sign next to them & they are a perfect addition!

barnyard bday 4

Corn pit… I wouldn’t have even think of this, but all the kiddos loved it & way less messy than sand!

barnyard bday 10

Though I’m sure the mommies might find a kernel or 2 in a diaper at bathtime lol

barnyard bday 6

What birthday party is complete without a few games?

barnyard bday 9

We have some future baseball players in the mix!

barnyard bday 7

And to complete the barnyard theme…

barnyard bday 12

Feeding the goat

barnyard bday 5

Bunny snuggles

barnyard bday 8

A special guest… Martha, one of my mom’s chickens… though she was much more interested in the abundance of earthworms in the backyard then the bread the children were offering her

barnyard bday 11

and of course horseback rides!

barnyard bday 13

Happy birthday!!