Introduction to Cooking with Chef Des

Hello ya’ll! I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas filled with fun, family, friends, & great food! We had a wonderful Christmas especially my daughter, Destiny. Destiny recently discovered her love for cooking & hopes to be a chef one day. She also shares my love of crafts, animals, nature, & parties. We have decided to join forces & turn this blog into a family project. Hopefully that will mean you can expect a lot more fun ideas coming your way! Now I’ll turn the keyboard over to Des so she can introduce herself, tell you about her Christmas, & share what she’ll be bringing to this blog…


Hello, my name is Destiny Anne Binnarr, but my friends & family call me Des. I am 10 years old. I love to cook. When I grow up, I would like to go to the a culinary institute & become a world-class chef. I dream of opening my own bakery called the Cupcake Corner. This year I asked for cooking supplies for Christmas. Santa brought me my very own chef hat & turquoise (my favorite color) silicone mini oven mitts. My parents got my a candy apple Kitchen Aid stand mixer. My favorite attachment it the paddle attachment. The Cozy Coloring cookbook from Auntie Beth & Uncle David. My Grammy got me the Christmas Cookie Swap Cookbook , a cute elephant apron, & neon culinary utensils. So I am officially ready to get cooking with my mommy. I will helping her try out new recipes & share them with you throughout the year. So be on the lookout for “Cooking with Chef Des”!

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