#I’m Back

Hello, ya’ll! So I’m not sure if anyone has noticed, but I’ve been MIA for a while, three months to be exact. Unfortunately, life these days seems to be super crazy ALL THE TIME! It’s been exhausting lately… I mean we’ve been having lots of fun events, family time, & adventures, but at the same time, I feel worn out mentally, physically, emotionally, & any other way possible. Having said all that, when I started blogging, I found it a relaxing, creative outlet, & since, long story short, I am in serious need of some mental health rejuvenation… I’m back!! During my absence, I’ve been making mental notes of ideas that I’ve wanted to share with you guys & even “planned” a few posts by taking lots of pictures so I’m planning on playing a little catch-up then trying to get into a more realistic blog post schedule. I have several party theme ideas, some reviews of products I’ve tried recently for free, a couple recipes, & some cute & easy DIY 4th of July decorating projects (better late then never) I’d like to share. So bear with me as I get back in the swing of things & get ready for a flood of posts! 🙂

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