Recipe: Jack and Coke Cupcakes

My friend, Liz, introduced me to these yummy adult cupcakes last year! They are perfect for any grown-up party situation & would be a great addition to your upcoming New Year’s Eve bashes!! Check out this recipe from her blog! You won’t be disappointed! I’m waiting for mine to be delivered to me as we speak 😉

Got Cache?

Yesterday I posted a new kid-favorite cupcake recipe, the famous Harry Potter butterbeer, but now it’s Got Cache After Dark In The Afternoon and its on to the adults! With all of the joy that comes with Christmas, also comes all of the know what i’m talking about. The lady with 20 items in the express lane in front of you with your one item you need to finish your item cooking, the jerk that comes down the wrong parking lot lane and takes his sweet time trying to get his precious car in the correct angle to park before you, and let’s not forget the hysterical screaming kids because they couldn’t get a toy unknowingly that they will get it in like three days tomorrow under the tree. Now i’m not all bah-humbug but sometimes the stresses of the holiday and working retail entitles you to a drink to keep…

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