Recipe: Butterbeer Cupcakes

My friend, Liz, made these for our Christmas bake-off @ work today, and they were to die for! Check out the recipe on her blog!

Got Cache?

Butterbeer Cupcakes!

My job was having a baking contest this week in the spirit of Christmas and since I didn’t do anything for Thanksgiving (didn’t have enough time) I figured I would join in this time around! As I sat and pondered on what I was going to make, I didn’t want to do something that someone else might bring too since my eye was on the prize. Either way, cookies were out, brownies were too boring, and I despise the taste of mint..except for Thin Mints of course. After reminiscing about my last trip to Universal Studios it hit me….Harry Potter Butterbeer cupcakes!! Trust me when I say these will change your life and if you haven’t had the opportunity to drink the deliciousness that is Butterbeer at Universal (frozen is my favorite), then this might just be the next best thing! I will say this looks like a lot of…

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