#It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like… Halloween

In an apartment complex where only a few people even bother to put up Christmas lights every year, you can only imagine how un-Halloween like it looks like around here! But never fear our apartment right on the end gets festive despite it all, better to be different & have fun doing so! Here’s a little bit of what we have going on this year:


Found this funny little sign this year @ Old Time Pottery & couldn’t pass it up… perfect touch for the front door!


Found this little witch owl there too… gave her a cozy spot in a plant pot


These are some of our old Halloween decorations but perfect for our boring sliding glass door… suction cup spiderweb lights & a hanging color changing bat… nice thing about these is they look Halloweeny day or night


This year we splurged on a lighted Jack-o-Lantern from Target… we carve our own too, but since pumpkins only last so long once they are cut, this will hold us over til closer to the 31st… nice touch to any front door or entry-way


We were looking for replacements for our 7 year-old inflatable ghosts we hang up every year since they aren’t holding their air very well anymore, but came up empty handed… hate when you bought something you love years ago & they stop making them… we did get every penny out of that Dollar General find though… instead found this cute strand of color changing ghosts @ Target on sale & couldn’t pass them up!


Close up of the ghost light bulb 😮

So grab some extension cords & some decorations, and spook up your neighborhood, wherever it might be!

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