#It’s Finally October #Time To Decorate For Halloween

My favorite time of year is finally here!! While here in Florida the weather is still hot as hell, there is a change in the air! It’s the time of pumpkins, creepy decorations, dressing up, & gorging on candy… and we get to let go & enjoy it right along side our kiddos! Last night, I started getting into the Halloween spirit by breaking out some decorations from storage! While I am one of those people who like everything in a particular spot, I even let the kids help a bit! While decorations for any holiday or event can be expensive, you can easily create a fun theme or atmosphere without breaking the bank! One of my favorite places to look for decorations is the Dollar Tree. I find tons of cute $1 accents that I can use and/or supplies for seasonal Pinterest projects!

photo 1(3)

My personal seamstress (oh who am I kidding??) aka my Mema made me a bright orange tablecloth that I will use for both my fall & Halloween decor. Spiderweb place-mats & black plastic flowers with little spiders mixed in from the Dollar Tree bring the Halloween theme to life in the dining room. (Side note: truthfully this table is actually in my kitchen since we live in a tiny 2-bedroom apartment right now – but we make the best of what we have & decorate it top to bottom!) And yes those are candy corns filling the vase… one of the cheapest ways I’ve found to bring color & Halloween flair!

photo 2(3)

What’s a haunted house without a few bats? Found these bats silhouettes at (you guessed it) the Dollar Tree. A little bit of wing bending & some scotch-tape gives you a colony of bats flying up your wall. Of course there always has to be one straggler taking a nap upside down to make it seem realistic. lol


The kids love running around the house putting spooky window clings on glass, mirrors, or anything that they will stick to. Even the fish are getting involved in the Halloween spirit! I’d show you the bathroom decorated, but there are 4 people sharing one bathroom here, if I ever get a turn in there, I don’t waste it taking pictures!

That’s about as far along as the Halloween decorations have got so far, but I’m off for my 3 day “weekend” starting tomorrow so I’ll be bringing you more Halloween fun, decorations, crafts, & recipes soon! Stay tuned!


Happy October 1st!!


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