#Crock-pot Pulled Pork

Instead of a new recipe this week, I decided to make a family favorite that I hadn’t made in a while since the main ingredient happened to be on sale at Publix this week. The weather has been so hot lately that I dread having to turn on the oven because in only a matter of minutes the whole house heats up. A couple of years ago I had this yummy pulled pork at a Fourth Of July get-together & quickly found out who brought the crock-pot of deliciousness so I might recreate the magic at a later date. Now obviously no BBQ is better than the traditional, smoked for ridiculous amounts of time, basted with care, & seasoned with love! I mean I wait all year long with great anticipation for the Mims Volunteer Firefighter Department BBQ fundraiser every year after the Mims Christmas parade because firefighter Don, a very close family friend, is the Boston Butt King!! With that said, I do not have room for a smoker at the moment or the time necessary to put into his level of perfection between helping the kids with their school work, housework, my chauffeur duties, work, & everything else that goes into being a mom. So while we count down the days until the first Saturday in December, I settle for the next best thing, Crock-pot Pulled Pork, so easy but definitely a favorite of everyone in the family. So here’s what you do:

photo 1(1)

As you’d expect, you need a crock-pot. (PS If you don’t have one, you’re crazy & go buy one now, right Now!!) You also need a Boston Butt (boneless or bone in – really doesn’t matter but bone-in is usually cheaper). a bottle of BBQ sauce (any flavor – pick your family’s favorite), & a single serve size bottle of root beer. I hate root beer, even the smell makes me nauseous, but it does some wonderful chemical reaction here that works as a tenderizer & sweetener so this is an exception. So with crock-pots, the general rule is you can cook it on low for a certain amount or on high for half the time. Having said that I am a firm believer that slow & steady is the way to go. So there is no fancy way of putting this together, put your meat in there & dump the 2 bottles all over it. I cook mine on low for 8 hours. Yesterday we weren’t home at the finishing time so it cooked about 9 hours, & my SO said that it was the best one I’ve ever made. I’d tell him it’s because I slaved over it all day long, but unfortunately he already knows my secrets.

photo 2(1)

The meat comes out so tender that you don’t even need to do any “shredding”. It falls apart the minute you try to get it out of the crock-pot so I ended up just fishing it out with a slotted spoon. Usually with this recipe if it is still a solid enough chunk of meat that you need to shred it with a fork or something, it hasn’t cooked long enough. I did take a moment to remove any offensive remaining fatty chunks because who wants to bite into there sandwich & find one of those.

photo 3(1)

As for finishing dinner up, we made sandwiches (I had mine on a bun, but the rest of the family opted for their sandwiches on garlic texas toast.), mac-n-cheese, & fresh steam in the bag green beans. I like the meat just like it comes out of the crock-pot, but the rest added a bit of their favorite BBQ sauce to their sandwich before it quickly disappeared.


Now I’m not sure if ya’ll could tell from the picture how massive a Boston Butt I cooked, but it was 4 1/2 lbs. Obviously that is completely unnecessary to just feed a family of four once, but I prefer to cook more than I need so I have enough for lunches or another quick dinner later in the week. We’ve done all sorts of things with the leftover pulled pork including pulled pork quesadillas, but pictured here is one of my favorite leftover BBQ lunch or dinner options

So that’s my recipe share for the week. I’d love to get feed back from any one who tries it & would be interested in any recipe favorites my readers would like to share with me as well! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend with their family & friends!!

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