#Making Furry Friends

After our Heart Walk this morning, we took a trip to our nearest Build-A-Bear Workshop to use the free $40 giftcard that I received recently from Smiley360 in exchange for my review. There were so many adorable furry friends to chose from, but the girls decided to make their selections from the new Superhero & My Little Pony lines. Here is a little peek of our wonderful experience!

photo 1

After finally deciding on the Trixie pony, Destiny customizes her pony’s heart/personality, adding characteristics like kindness & strength.

photo 2

Next it is time for stuffing! You can add a “sound box”, scent, or even a heart beat for your friend at this time if you chose. The girls both chose a cotton candy fragrance for theirs. The Build-A-Bear workers are so sweet & patient, letting the kids decide just how cuddly they want their friend to be & even have them make a little wish as they put the heart in.

des build-a-bear 2014

This Little Pony gets a post-creation spa treatment!

photo 3

Next it is time to name your friend & make his/her birth certificate. Katlyn chose the Spiderman bear & fittingly named him Spidey! Destiny named her pony a girly Princess Sparkle.

girls build-a-bear 2014

After many hard clothing decisions (there are soooo many cute options), the furry friends are all dressed & ready to travel home.


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