#Cutest Backyard Barnyard Birthday Party Ever

We just got home from a wonderful afternoon of backyard barnyard birthday fun surrounded by family, friends, & friends that might as well be family! It was one of the cutest themed birthdays I have ever been to so I couldn’t wait to share it with ya’ll!!

barnyard bday 3

All the food had cute little barnyard themed signs… chicken feed chex mix, pigs-in-a-blanket, chicken coop nuggets… even the silverware was renamed pitchforks & shovels… soooo easy but completely adorable!

barnyard bday 2

Barnyard cake… just too cute for words!

barnyard bday 1

I made these rice crispy treats… put a “Hay Bale” sign next to them & they are a perfect addition!

barnyard bday 4

Corn pit… I wouldn’t have even think of this, but all the kiddos loved it & way less messy than sand!

barnyard bday 10

Though I’m sure the mommies might find a kernel or 2 in a diaper at bathtime lol

barnyard bday 6

What birthday party is complete without a few games?

barnyard bday 9

We have some future baseball players in the mix!

barnyard bday 7

And to complete the barnyard theme…

barnyard bday 12

Feeding the goat

barnyard bday 5

Bunny snuggles

barnyard bday 8

A special guest… Martha, one of my mom’s chickens… though she was much more interested in the abundance of earthworms in the backyard then the bread the children were offering her

barnyard bday 11

and of course horseback rides!

barnyard bday 13

Happy birthday!!

One thought on “#Cutest Backyard Barnyard Birthday Party Ever

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