#Best Potato Soup Ever

Lately trying to decide what to make for dinner has become something that I dread! Finding something everyone likes is a challenge since the oldest child in the family (aka the dad) is a bit of a picky eater & pretty much eats no veggies & very little fruits. Lately my menu consists of the same couple of favorite recipes over & over. I mean everyone loves them, but how many times can you eat chicken enchiladas, baked ziti, meatloaf, or anything for that matter in a month before it gets extremely old! So this week I decided to start trying a new recipe every week to attempt revive my love of cooking & add a little flavor & excitement back into family dinner time. My significant other mentioned liking potato soup so I decided to start there even though it isn’t really the weather for it, hot as hell! According to the calendar it is now fall, but Florida hasn’t got that memo yet! After doing some Pinterest research, I came across a recipe for Disneyland’s Loaded Potato Soup from Six Sisters’ Stuff. It was a huge success!! Everyone, especially the picky one, loved it! I did run the onions, celery, & carrots through the blender so there were no offensive veggie chunks floating in there for him to find. LOL While it was absolutely delectable, I think when I make it again (and I definitely will) I will try substituting half & half for the heavy whipping cream to cut down the fat & richness a bit. If you are in need of a fresh & delicious recipe, give this one a try! I personally  am going to check this website again next week for other ideas!best potato soup


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