#Publix #Saving Money #Coupons

In my family as with most families, saving money isn’t a preference but a necessity!  I clip coupons, check the sale ads, & stock up with things are BOGO. My absolute favorite place to grocery shop is Publix. Now I won’t lie, I am a little biased since I have worked part time there for almost 8 years, but that in no way negates all the wonderful reasons to shop there! With all the ways to save plus great customer service & a clean store, shopping really is a pleasure at Publix! Not only are they coupon friendly & accept one vendor/manufacturer coupon & one store/competitor coupon per item, they now offer digital coupons! Skip the clipping & simply check out Publix.com. Enter your name, email, & phone number to create your account, and you are on your way to saving big. I use these along with all my vendor & competitor coupons. I go on to Publix.com once or twice a week & clip all the available coupons then simply put my phone number in while my groceries are being scanned. The reason for this post is I went online to clip mine this week & noticed my savings so far totaled $538.18. $538.18 is no little number!! That is huge savings & definitely worth the few minutes a week I spend clicking a few boxes!! If you shop at Publix but haven’t taken the time to check the digital coupon service out, just thought I’d give you 538 reasons to do so! Happy Labor Day!


One thought on “#Publix #Saving Money #Coupons

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